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About the founder

Once upon a beat, DJOW became the architect of OWVRSZ, merging music and fashion into a symphony of self-expression.

"Hey OWVRSZ Tribe! I'm DJOW, the pulse behind our fusion of music and fashion. Music has always been my heartbeat, and fashion, my canvas. Surrounded by beats and styles, I felt an undeniable connection between these worlds. That spark led me to found OWVRSZ.

Why combine music and fashion? Simple: Both are powerful forms of self-expression. Whether you're rocking an outfit or vibing to tunes, it's showcasing your unique identity. OWVRSZ is where these realms meet, creating a space where your style resonates with your sound.

Every OWVRSZ design is a melody carefully woven into fabric, an expression of my passion for music translated into wearable language.

To dreamers, music lovers, and fashion enthusiasts—welcome! Let's amplify style together and create a symphony. Stay tuned for more!